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Special gift for the Hollidays; First Crack In Big Pharma's Wall

Édition décembre 2005
Un texte de Peter Helgason

AVIS - Veuillez prendre notre que les expressions employées dans ce texte ont été écrits avant la promulgation de la LOI 21, encadrant la pratique de la psychothérapie au Québec.

(Ottawa, November 22)

A huge step forward for informed freedom of choice and health freedom in Canada has been achieved thanks to last minute scurrying by Health Canada to avoid the full impact of the Health Freedom Private Member's Bill C-420. Bill C-420 has been a dagger aimed at the heart of the health regulator's bureaucracy for the last two Parliaments.

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Health passed a Liberal motion November 22, 2005, to effectively kill Bill C-420 with support from the NDP and Bloc Quebecois.

Only the Conservative Party voted against the motion.

New regulations proposed by Health Canada would exempt Natural Health Products from the censorship provisions in the Food and Drugs Act that act as an outright prohibition on fact-based, truthful health claims. If the regulations become law, it would be legal to advertise both the prevention and treatment (but not the cure) of the 40 or so diseases listed on Schedule A (heart disease, arthritis, cancer etc.) of the Food and Drugs Act with food based medicines.

For decades the national regulator has used Schedule A and Sections 3.1 and 3.2 of the Food and Drugs Act to intimidate, criminalize and bankrupt small companies who have been achieving incredible therapeutic results treating Schedule A diseases with food-based medicines (Dietary Food Supplements).

Bill C-420 sought to strike down the unlawful censorship created in 1934 by repealing sections 3.1 and 3.2 of the Food & Drugs Act. Introduced in the current parliament by Dr. Colin Carrie (CPC Oshawa) the bill was originally introduced in the previous parliament by Dr. James Lunney (CPC Nanaimo- Alberni).

The Alliance of Natural Health Suppliers (ANHS), click here Freedom of Choice in Health Care, click here and Friends of Freedom click here and hundreds of small and medium family enterprises (SMFEs),have been for years actively supporting the "little bill that could" force Health Canada to "recognize the overwhelming body of evidence" that food-based medicines [dietary food supplements] effectively prevent, treat and even in some cases cure many chronic diseases.

"We aren't out of the woods yet though," cautions Peter Helgason, vice-president of regulatory affairs for ANHS and FCHC. "Let's see how the Gazette process goes, and more importantly let's see what Health Canada is up to with Schedule F" (products available by prescription only). Hundreds of food-based medicine manufacturers have received warning letters and stop sale orders recently claiming the products they have been selling for years or decades contain "prescription drugs", or more ominously their "precursors", and are now illegal for sale in Canada.

"Anyone who has been paying attention for the past 10 years or so knows the power brokers at Health Canada have been less than enthusiastic about recognizing the many benefits of natural health products. In fact it seems the recently created Natural Health Directorate has been constantly undermined by the Drug Directorate since its inception", says Helgason. "We'll take what we have for now", he says, "But we have to keep up the public pressure and we have to keep the disinfecting light shining into the dark corners of what the recently fired Health Canada whistle- blower Dr. Chiv Chopra describes in his new book as a bureaucracy that is "Corrupt to the Core".

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Peter Helgason

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